Top 10 Tips For Domain Name Selling and Maximizing Your Return on Investment

Selling with the best domain name broker can put more dollars in your pocket.

Know where to get help. Hire an exclusive broker to professionally manage your domain name and website sales. You want someone with complete daily access to the domain aftermarket outlets like brokerages, newsletters, forums, and social networks. You need a domain broker a nice database of accredited investors. Make sure to do your research first and hire a domain broker with a good reputation, brand image, and proper marketing plan.

Know how to build. A great website is produced by following a proven formula. Make sure the domain is premium, the site is nicely buillt and clean, your brand and message is highly developed, and your social network is active. The site is built by quality links, strong relationships, great content, well priced products, and/or quality services. A well optimized site will have enhanced revenue streams and efficient campaigns.

Know how to prep. Get organized; have everything put together and ready for buyers questions saves time. Did you just get an offer? Do you want to professionally market to the domain industry and target a specific end user market? Are you going to do it yourself or hire an exclusive domain brokerage to do it for you? Be sure to have the traffic, revenues, costs, partners, affiliates, vendors, inventories, database, any system bugs, and brand identities all well organized. Also have a fair multiple or price range in mind, shown with historic sales data, comparables, valuations, and broker price opinions. Is your press release well written, is your value proposition ready, and is all paperwork in order?

Know the valuations. Putting a price target on your asset can be tough, and ultimately the market will determine price anyway. Just because you got an email offer in 2009 or even 2000 for whatever price, doesn’t mean you can command that number today. The domain name and website resale aftermarket has changed, even from just a year ago. If you feel the domain price should be premium, you better be ready to back it up.

Know your market. Who are the ten people most likely to buy your domain name and what is the best way to contact them. Are you going to use a phone, email, social media, or letter? Maybe you want target competitors, domainers, other extension or similar domain owners, international business in your vertical, or a mass release to your industry or niche. Every project is different, we recommend using domain brokerage to assist with these matters.

Know how to negotiate. Be prepared to haggle and bridge the gap. Everyone wants a great deal in this domain market, and there is a sea of well priced opportunity out there. A professional helps remove the emotionalism and helps get the deal done. Don’t start too high, counter too high or even counter too low. Be ready to know the stats, revenues, costs, benefits, transfer process, and your bottom line. Are you ready for the tough questions, language barriers, or hard compromises? Preparation is key.

Know how to close a deal. Are phone sales a personal strength, is the board or team in total agreement, are you willing to stay onboard for some time to transition, or are their unresolved business problems, tax or legal issues? Can you pull the trigger today for a fair offer? Are you willing to pay commissions, transaction fees, press releases, continued maintence, or more? Can you handle financing, joint ventures, mergers, partnerships, leases, options or other arrangements?

Know how to transfer asset. Get help hammering out the purchase and sales contacts with all signatures, selecting the escrow processes, executing the data transfers, domain name registrar transfers, banking transfers, all agreement/vendor transfers, and corporate records transfers. A business broker can refer the proper attorneys, CPA’s, and other specialized services needed for these high level sales.

Know the next opportunity. It is not uncommon for active investors to manage multiple incubators, projects, and opportunities. Domain flipping and investing can be a great part time income stream or rewarding full time business. It can be funded with only a few dollars or massive amounts of cash. The right domain broker can get you keyed into the hottest investor pools, freshest inventory of premium generics, and access to all the new ecommerce listings. Use a domain professional on your transactions.

Know how to diversify. A well build internet portfolio should be filled with several different types of investments. A few premium domains, a few rev producing websites, maybe a vanity phone number, or trademark. Call a domain broker at 1-855-TO-DIVEST to begin a consultation on how to get started.

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