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HyperText Markup Language is the standard markup language for creating web sites and web applications.


Cascading Style Sheets is a style sheet language used for describing the presentation of content written in a markup language like HTML.


JavaScript is a high-level, interpreted programming language used for building a wide variety of modern web sites and applications.

Cured with love. Crafted by hand.

Nestled in a snug, lakeside home in northwest Atlanta, Georgia, Benjamin Hunt Gray is a twenty-year veteran of modern web technologies and digital media. He has been trusted to build websites and web application user interfaces for award-winning companies and non-profit organizations throughout the US.

Case file #V11738K

Vital4 — transform a global, skeleton data-search application into a sexy, intuitive, online user experience

  • Current Role: Independent Front End Developer for CEO / Co-Founder
  • Previous Role: UI/UX Developer
  • Noteworthy: Successful UI Launch for FinTech South 2018
  • Company Status: Razing turf in the RegTech Landscape
Case file #P29401L

Paper Daisies Stationery — modernize a boutique, wedding stationery company's web site and expand its manufacturing ops in Chamblee, GA

  • Current Role: Brother, Lifetime Support
  • Previous Role: Partner, Operator
  • Noteworthy: 18% YOY Revenue Growth
  • Company Status: Featured on TargetPhoto.com
Case file #R49225M

razorfish — translate the design team's user interface vision for a private-label credit card web app for citi retail services

  • Previous Role: Associate Presentation Layer Engineer
  • Noteworthy: Formerly the World's Leading Interactive Agency
  • Company Status: Acquired by Publicis Sapient

Recent Website Projects

Little Chef Ivy Harrison Hoyas Soccer

Web Application Research & Development

React, Redux, & Firebase Project Planner App (full stack js)

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NextJS Hacker News API App

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Ruby On Rails Account App

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